Activate Your Life

Activate Your Life




A single great coaching exercise can transform your future. Activate Your Life brings you 50(!!!) exercises from some of the top coaches to be found anywhere. It’s like having a team of coaches come to you wherever you are!

The coaches in this book have picked their favorite or most effective exercises that have been refined through many years of use with clients, which means that you are getting the crown jewels of exercises.

You will find exercises grouped into five different themes: Mind, Body, Happiness, Goals, and Success.

If you are feeling stuck or confused, these exercises will help get you going with renewed clarity and purpose

If you are feeling motivated and excited, these exercises will add fuel to your fire and cultivate your skills

If you are feeling yucky, these exercises will help you feel yummy

Dive in and start with the exercise that most intrigues you, and then keep the book handy like a personal coach whenever you need it.Are you a coach? We can’t wait to hear if some of the exercises in this book will do wonders with your own clients.

We hope you enjoy reading and using Activate Your Life as much as we enjoyed creating it for you

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